For every data engineer out there (and this most probably expands to other domains as well), there are 2 categories your tasks fall under:

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All of us are favouring the first set. Every professional in the field (in…

As we dive in deeper into the data era, data platforms is a term that each and every one of us will hear more and more.

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From a data engineer’s point of view building one is a challenging task. …

Many out there have build (Big) Data Platforms, or claim to have done so.

Some have been awarded for their endeavors, some have built something even more amazing! Data products are spawning everywhere, everyday.

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Regardless of the case, everyone designing and implementing such platforms has to deal with an aspect…

In a previous post we have talked about our Data Platform, the tech choices we have made throughout its implementation and the challenges involved.

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What do we do at this Data Platform?

We collect, translate and enrich global food safety data. This data covers:

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In a previous post we talked about the difficulty that resides in collecting and analysing food safety data. This sector is one that has many different data types (covering the 3, 5, 7 or whatever the current V count should be).

So the main question here is:

Can we collect…

It all started back in 2016, when Agroknow decided to start working on their SaaS product and suggested I join this new venture.

The team had an ambitious dream; to create a data-powered solution, collecting, translating and enriching food safety data worldwide.

The endgame? To offer insights to food companies…

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Ensuring global food safety depends on data. There is data concerning food recalls and border rejections, data pertaining to a huge amount of raw ingredients and commodities, and data unpacking all the possible hazards behind a food safety incident.

When a food safety incident occurs somewhere in a global supply…

Mihalis Papakonstantinou

Data, data, data! Loves providing data-powered solutions to sectors varying from media and financial institutions to the food industry.

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